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For many middle market companies, managing long-term capital requirements can be a formidable challenge. While financing solutions are available from a variety of sources, the process of obtaining them can be lengthy and cumbersome. Fortunately, there is a quick and straightforward way for clients of Milberg Factors, Inc. to address their longer-term financial needs through customized solutions in situations when traditional working capital financing may not be sufficient. Milberg offers term loans, so named because they are typically repaid at regular intervals over a set period of time, to augment short-term financing, to enable borrowers to purchase equipment, acquire real estate or other assets, to finance mergers and acquisitions, and to facilitate partner buyouts.

As part of existing lending solutions, term loans can help companies to take advantage of various strategic opportunities.

Milberg extends term loans to its clients in conjunction with providing working capital financing. In this way, our clients have the distinct advantage of being able to address their short-term and longer-term financing needs through one lender. Faced with a request from a client for longer term financing, Milberg will design a customized solution as part of the overall lending relationship — going to great lengths to understand the business need and determine how best to address it. “We look for creative financing solutions that meet our clients’ short and long term financial requirements,” says Dan Milberg, president of Milberg Factors, Inc. This spares these companies the need to seek out specialty lenders or banks, as well as the time and resources necessary to work through what often ends up being a more expensive and protracted approval process. Visit our Services page to view our full range of services. 

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Often with traditional lenders, accessing longer term financing can be challenging. Qualifying for a term loan from a bank may not only be complex but costly as well, requiring extensive documentation and financial reports to meet increasingly complicated due diligence requirements.

For more than 75 years, our mission has been to provide our clients with the individualized financial solutions and personalized attention they need to grow and prosper.

When Milberg provides term loans, there are numerous benefits for borrowers. Repayments can be staggered over time and crafted to fit each situation. Terms can be customized to the borrower’s unique needs and projected cash flows. In some cases, Milberg may write term loans in conjunction with buyouts to assist clients that may be taking over competitors or buying strategic assets for long-term growth. Best of all, Milberg can approve term loans quickly thanks to its own proprietary due diligence and approval process. Assessing risk is a proven strength for Milberg. Attention goes toward evaluating the client’s overall financial health and future prospects, and crafting an appropriate financial solution. As a partner in growth, we’re committed to helping our clients optimize their financial results and achieve their business goals.


For more information about Milberg Factors, Inc., please contact Daniel R. Milberg at (212) 697-4200, David M. Reza at (818) 649-7587, or Ernest B. White at (336) 714-8852, or email us at info@milbergfactors.com.