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Advance Factoring

Milberg Designs a Cash Flow Solution for Jeanswear Importer


A jeanswear importer was experiencing a cash flow problem, as there was too much of a lag between when their goods were sold to the retailer and when they got paid, and their capital was limited. Although the business itself was expecting to be profitable, they were not bankable because of limited equity in the business.


Milberg recommended “Advance Factoring” as a resolution to the problem. The importer would assign receivables to Milberg as soon as goods were sold, and then draw funds against those receivables when they needed cash. Collections of receivables would pay down cash advances. In addition, Milberg would handle the credit, collections and check processing functions, allowing the importer to focus their efforts on what they did best — selling goods — and reap the financial benefit of outsourcing those activities. Milberg’s view on the importer’s balance sheet was refreshing, as Milberg was able to get comfortable with less capital in the business, thus giving the importer the ability to borrow the funds they needed when they needed them.


Because they were able to borrow larger amounts, the importer was able to pay their bills in a timely fashion and maximize cash flow. By leveraging their receivables, they had the ability to grow their business and make more sales and money than ever before. They also saved on overhead previously allocated for credit analysis, collections and check processing.