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Latest from Milberg Factors


Turnarounds Don’t Turn Us Off

Where Other Lenders May Avoid Turnarounds, We See Them as Great Opportunities

Unlike traditional lenders, Milberg Factors, Inc. takes great pride in helping businesses that have hit a rough patch regain their financial footing.



An Extra Layer of Protection for Banks

How Banks and Bank Groups Can Safeguard Their Collateral



Credit Protecting Your Receivables

How Importers and Manufacturers Can Navigate a Difficult Retail Environment

Factoring is a saving grace for many apparel, textile, accessory, shoe, home furnishing and furniture manufacturers and importers.

While there is little we can do to influence the economy or shopping trends, Milberg can certainly help reduce credit risk.



Collection Agreement

Milberg Provides Just the Right Fit for Shoe Importer

A shoe importer was happy with their sales and marketing team and didn’t require funding for cash flow. However, they were unhappy with the lack of credit coverage on receivables. The client didn’t have a credit manager or any personnel in place to follow up on customer collections, and processing customer payments was time consuming. In addition, they were selling all their customers on various terms without investigating whether they were good or bad credit risks.



Non-Notification Factoring Agreement

Milberg Fashions a Credit Solution for Accessories Manufacturer

An accessory importer had a credit insurance policy in place but could not get its toughest customers credit approved. They required credit coverage that a Factor could provide, but did not want to give up handling collections and check processing.