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The Milberg Difference


What makes Milberg stand alone in the financial industry? Our people, processes and proven track record.

The people who manage client accounts are the people who make the lending decisions — are the owners of the firm. That allows us to go to extraordinary lengths to help our clients. We feel a loyalty and concern for our clients that you won’t find in a large public company.

In addition, we have a proven track record of seeing clients through the smooth stretches, and through the twists and turns as well. When our clients’ financial needs change, we sit down with them, work out solutions and see them through — often lending into situations that might scare off less knowledgeable lenders. Assessing risk is a proven strength of Milberg, among others.


We understand the urgency of doing business. Decisions that can be made on the spot are made quickly.
For those that are more complex, the appropriate decision makers can convene within hours.


Unhampered by rigid lending formulas, we look at the whole picture, and based on experience and judgment, structure financing that makes sense for the client.


Our clients have access to guidance that's simply unavailable at other lending institutions. Any firm can lend money, but when it’s a question of more money or an unusual business problem — or even an unexpected success — our clients always have someone experienced to talk to.


The commitment of the principals is supported by the long-term employment of our staff. As a result, our clients experience an unmatched level of continuity over time.

Financial Strength

A willingness to commit our resources is underscored by our deep financial strength as well as substantial available lines of credit.


As one of the largest factoring and commercial finance firms in the U.S., we’re big enough to make loans over $30 million, yet small enough to know who you are.